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On an almost weekly basis, I traipse through the art centers of New York City, especially Chelsea checking out art galleries, selecting those I will approach about my work and the new art movement and theory of art, Ungraven Image.

Obviously, I look for galleries where I appreciate the work of at least many of their artists, as we enjoy a similar sensibility so my work would fit in and enhance the gallery but that is not my first concern. I am searching for galleries where I feel comfortable, where the people are friendly, even helpful and when I meet a gallery principle I consider how much I would enjoy having this person as a partner, someone I deal with often.

Art Fairs are a great way to not only see art, but to meet gallery staff and dealers along with a quick taste test of gallery artists. Plus, fairs include galleries from other cities around the world, which opens a whole new vista for me.

My first stop was the Art Show at the Seventh Regiment Armory. I arrived fairly early in the day before any crowds. It is an interesting mix of galleries as many booths had Modern Art, where I could feast my eyes on even a Cezanne. Of course, living in Southampton and because I knew I would also contribute this blog for publication in the SAA Newsletter, I was noting the Hamptons artists exhibited. I saw booths with de Koonings, a Krasner, Fairfield Porter, a Hopper, and Warhols – well, it seemed as if I spotted a Warhol print and even a few drawings every few yards!

After seeing the booths I purchased water sparkling water at a table and moved back into the fair aisles near towards the Richard Feigen & Co. gallery booth where I spotted a rare treat I had missed. Hanging high and at the edge of the booth was a small Ray Johnson work about Sag Harbor (not the image below). When I exclaimed I was greeted by gallery VP Frances Beatty, Ph.D. who was delighted that I knew Johnson's work, as her gallery represents the estate. She treated me to a catalogue of his work and I am likewise treating you to an image. http://www.rayjohnsonestate.com/

Ray Johnson

May Wilson with Andy Warhol , 1976

Richard Feigen & Co.

Used with permission of the gallery

There were many wonderful works by contemporary artists, too.

There were splendid works by Ad Reinhardt; at the PaceWildenstein booth.

Cheim & Read has a very elegant exhibition given over to Louise Bourgeois. A couple of small pencil drawings, I believe one may have been names or had the word, “Music” in the title were fascinating in their clear simplicity.

Barbara Mathes Gallery had a stller group show, with Warhol of course included, but my attention was on the Anselm Kiefer work.

At the Sikkema Jenkins booth were riveting works by Kara Walker and also delicate, transporting drawings by Shahzia Sikander.    I was happy to meet Erin O'Rourke, Director
Ellie Bronson, Archive and Publications as their gallery hosted Visual Aids's Postcards From the Edge benefit this December which sold the UnGraven Image original postcard I donated to the cause.

At the Richard Gray Gallery Booth were works by David Klamen and I first saw Jaume Pensa's work, which I found inspiring as we are on a similar artistic path. It was also a delight to meet Paul Gray who was helpful with information and literature.

One of the galleries in Chelsea whose shows I try to catch is George Adams . This booth was dedicated to one of my favorite of the gallery's artists, Lesle Dill, with more works than I was familiar with. I also finally had the opportunity to meet George Adams himself, who was friendly, helpful and gave me the material including a card on the image included here of Dill's work.

Leslie Dill

Large Poem Dress (A Single Screw)


Courtesy of the George Adams Gallery

My son David and toddler granddaughter, Anna joined me and we headed for the Armory show across town at Pier 94. This fair was crowded even at midday on Friday and it juxtaposed with the more staid and genteel atmosphere of the Art Show. It was an experience to see the art through Anna's eyes. Although she was drawn to shiny and sparkly sculptures and images, she was interested in seeing that she could, perhaps this will also inspire her own efforts as she is fascinate wuth drawing and painting with her washable art supplies.

There was more to see than we possibly had time for in one afternoon, so we concentrated on American galleries. Unfortunately with the stroller and Anna, while I could grab a card here and there, taking notes was impossible.

Even so, some works and exhibits are memorable, such as the mirrored sanitation truck (a real one) entitled, Social Mirror” along with a display of Mierle Landerman Ukeles's photographs that one could see if one squeezed between the truck and the display wall. Anna liked the truck with mirrors, too.

Ryan McGinness's work at Deitch Projects interested the whole family.

Bortolami Dayan booth showed the strong work of Jonathan Meese. 

Paul McCarthy's 'Gold butter dog with Guggenheim Crown' was a big hit with Anna who I wheeled around while David spent a while browsing in the David Zwirner booth here, looking especially at the R. Crumb works.

I wheeled Anna around to the James Cohan Gallery booth thinking that she would be delighted with the Folkert de Jong statues, but as soon as she spied the Yinka Shonibare mural, she was entranced. This gave me time to spy out a small work of birds by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Fred Tomaselli and to quickly meet Elyse Goldberg, Director, Sales.

Finally, the Sara Meltzer Gallery devoted their whole booth to a an exhibit of Moyna Flannigan's miniature portraits. Rachel Gugelberger was very helpful in showing me the works and answering questions. I already had my two images for this blog by the time I left the ADAA show, or I certainly would have asked to be allowed to include one.

The links will take you to the gallery sites, where you can see images of the artists mentioned and more. Since all of the galleries included in this blog are in NYC, I urge you to visit the when you are in NYC, too.

February 28, 2007



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