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Historically the works of artists who found a real, new art theory have always provided excellent returns for their collectors. Art has proven, again and again to be one of the best investments in any economy, when it is fairly priced and the artist is worth collecting.

We will never offer any further S/N  reproductive prints of this artwork. Thus the investment of our collectors will never be diluted by additional edition. When these are gone-- they are gone! Then the only way to obtain one will be through a collector who is willing to sell.


Note: Genesis Beit is featured in a video. Watch while the painting is "born" stroke by stroke at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vll3udNU3Y

Genesis Beit

Genesis Sunset-Sunrise series

Genesis Beit 2009

8 X 10 inches

LIMITED EDITION:  300 original artist's prints -- his will be the only fine art edition of this image. Double hand signed (in English and with the artist's unique logo-signature face)

Best archival quality fine art paper and inks***

Strokes are words of text: Genesis 1- 2:7

Initial offering: $100.00



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EST business hours: M-TH 10 am-7 pm, F 10 am-3:30 pm, Sun 1-7 pm (if no one is here to take your call please leave your phone number and we will return the call and answer any questions.

or write:

Judy Rey Wasserman
UnGraven Image
207 Sebonac Road
Southampton, NY 11968

(Download PDF Order form)

Each print includes separate Certificate of Authenticity, information as to how to update and maintain provenance, good overage outside of the printed image are for framing. the size indicates the printed area only.


*When an artist signs a print, especially a limited edition print, it becomes more valuable.

**Never purchase as an investment any signed, numbered limited edition fine art print that has a total print run of an image that exceeds 700 , for all sizes and media.

*** According to independent research at Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc.

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