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May 2013, IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently our Affiliates Program is On Hold as we have moved to a new, improved Shopping Cart. The program will be begin again once that module is added. If you wish to be an online affiliate, or represent a non-profit interested in holding an event with affiliate sales, or if you are a current affiliate who has not received notification of this change please contact: sales @ ungravenimage dot com - Thanks

Our affiliates program is simple, clear, easy and honest.

Affiliates make 20% commission on book and/or fine art print purchase prices sold through your affiliate links for all merchandise sold within the shopping cart. Unlike other programs, if you have a customer who mentions discovering us through you but pays via USA bank check or money order -- you will also get the commission!

As an affiliate you will be marketing something that can help people change how they actually see the world, which then helps gain greater emotional freedom. As you may know, these prints are all investment quality, signed and numbered. While all investments involve some risk, history proves that the work of artists who founded real new art theories have always shot up in price and continued to gain in value, usually outperforming the stock market over time.

Commissions do not include costs of taxes and when applicable shipping and handling. This is automatically occurs for all orders that use the shopping cart from a collector who has come from the affiliate's web site. Please have your buyer notify us when purchasing over the phone or through the mail of your affiliate email address and if you have one, of the web site's URL

The e-book uses images of the prints. Collectors who come to the Art Seeing the Divine site or the sister site of Post Conceptual UnGraven image through an affiliate's links will also be credited to the affiliate.

Customer Duration: Affiliate links last for at least 90 business days from when the book buyer or collector last linked into the site from the collector's last purchase or link in through the affiliate's link. The affiliate hosting service assures me that anyone sent by an affiliate who makes a purchases and then makes a subsequent purchase within a three month period will still be credited to the original affiliate. [Note: fundraising programs for not-for-profit charities may include different terms and conditions. These need to be approved and are set up on an individual basis. Contact sales (at) ungravenimage.com or call (631) 259-2641 to discuss your group's specific fundraising and event goals, which can include a seminar, speaking engagement, web special banners, etc.]


1. NEW!! Affiliate Banners are provided in addition to the links from the shopping cart host. To see current banners click here. Additional banners will be added shortly.

2. Affiliates are encouraged to report book reviews, art reviews and mentions on their web sites concerning Judy Rey Wasserman's work. Links to these articles, blogs or reviews may then be mentioned by Judy Rey in Tweets on Twitter, her Facebook Fan Wall, Sharing a Transforming Vision group and elsewhere. [Note: An email or Tweet in public timeline on Twitter must be sent to Judy Rey Wasserman requesting permission to use any image. Usually this is granted as long as the image is attributed by its name and as being by Judy Rey Wasserman, plus a link is provided to the web page (if a print) for the image or the Post Conceptual UnGraven Image site.]

3.- Bonuses! Affiliates who sell over $2,500 worth of merchandise in any quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, Oct-Dec) receive a coupon worth 7% of their earnings from that quarter to use towards their online print purchases via the shopping cart to use in the next quarter.

Payout: Commissions will be paid within 3 business days after 15th of the month after the sale is final. Sales are final after the guarantee period is complete.

Example - Joe Buyer clicks through Affiliate Jane's email and purchases The Dock Less Traveled print on paper, sized 11 x 14 for $250.00 on Saturday, January 1st. Joe Buyer uses a charge card, which takes 3 business days to clear finally on Thursday, January 6th. The print (these are fine art, often created specifically for the buyer through the studio, and each has to be approved and hand signed by JRW) ships out three business days on January 10. It arrives at the buyer's on Saturday, January 14. The buyer then has 14 business days during which they can return the print for a full refund. (So far, no one ever has). That 14 day period puts us into the early days of February; when the transaction is finally fully completed. The commission is paid to Joe Buyer's Paypal account within 3 business days of February 15.

Important notice: We reserve the right to remove or disallow any affiliate and cease to pay out any commissions if the web site or affiliate is inappropriate for the mission of Judy Rey Wasserman's Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art. Such sites and/or promotional emails would include foul, defamatory or abusive language, pornography, gambling sites or sites with links or promotion of such sites, slander, or include any false information of misleading claims about the prints of book(s), or any future merchandise made available.

Our affiliate web program runs through our shopping cart at e-junkie. When you click on the link below it will take you to our affiliate page where you can sign up (register). Your email and other information will not be sold or used by anyone else.

Our web cart is currently being updated, and along with it the affiliates signe up. So please contact us via email to join. Use the contact info via the link in the menu.

After you join with us as an affiliate go to our Banners Page to get banners for your web site.

Go to Judy Rey Wasserman's Prints Page. You can invest in fine art that will inspire you, your friends and family. Change the way you see the world to change your life. See more. Share the vision.

Check out the sister site: The Art of Seeing the Divine. Download the free booklet or buy the book.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." -- Albert Einstein


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Envision the world filled with the energies of creative inspiration and potential. See more. Share the vision.

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