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29th Dec 2008

Vote For Art — Twitter’s Shorty Awards!

Art is officially running to become a recognized main category in Twitter’s Shorty Awards. I’m the campaign manager and instigator of the category.

Currently there are 24 major award categories, which include music, entertainment, finance, sports, tech travel, social media, photography and design (which includes, graphics, web design, fashion and crafts) —but no art. No art?!

We can remedy this. Shorty Award rules state that if many votes or nominations occur the new category will be listed as a major category.

A month ago I became active on Twitter ( http://twitter.com ), which is the social media site that anyone can join for free to send 140 character messages to people. On Twitter people are followed and also follow other people’s messages by choice. It is a wonderful and dynamic away to keep up with the people in your life and meet new friends. For me, it is the ideal chat room I never found anywhere else.

On Twitter I follow (and am followed) by artists, museums, galleries, collectors and lots of people who have no real connection to art.

As an artist, I see Twitter as a new form of the neighborhood café or tavern, where artists have congregated since they existed. Much like artists of the past, we socialize at the end, even during the day to discuss and show our art.

Art is a topic that appears in links to blogs sites from people not professionally associated with the art world. It is a fairly popular topic for social media gurus. In the past week, @chrisbrogan gave a guest spot on his well known blog to Amrita Chandra @tinkugallery; who wrote What Artists Can Teach Everyone About Social Media and @ariherzog blogged on How the Museum of Modern Art is Online .

About two weeks ago I began to notice messages that were sent to the people I follow that were much like this randomly selected one from last night:

@shortyawards @leavingrichmond , you were nominated by @Daniellelander (and 3 others) for a #music Shorty Award http://bit.ly/1Yg3

Since I had been active for less than a month and assumed these are yearly awards, I was content to watch from the sidelines. Although in that time I had staged Twitter’s first Post Conceptual Performance Art Event , blogged about it, received some press on it, plus blogged about Twitter with considerable participation both in the blog and later in commented from fellow Twitterers, I felt I was still a newbie.

Art However, when no one was nominated for art, I followed the link to awards to discover why. What immediately followed that was my Tweet: “@shortyawards there needs to be an #art category. Design is not fine art. You have music, entertainment– where’s art?”

While there was no response from the awards, @Reverse_Vampyr immediately nominated me for a Shorty Award for #art.

That’s when I learned that the Shorty Awards allow anyone on Twitter to nominate anyone else for any category. I was delighted that a category for #art was now established, no realizing that it still would not be included as a regular suggested category.

However, I felt that there were better candidates to nominate as major museums, art critics, galleries and artists are members of Twitter. Surely I was too new on Twitter. Yet I wanted more recognition for art, which meant more nominations.

I sent out re following Twitter message:” Please vote for me or nominate someone to the Shorty #art award. Free e book to all who do either! (DM me for link) Art is important!!”

Twitterers know that DM means direct message, a private way to send personal information. I could privately send a link a download site for my life transforming e book, The Art of Seeing The Divine, Book 1—What Do You See? It is brand new, and the giveaway supports my purposes of achieving recognition for art, while encouraging people discover the book.

I began to send out messages much like the one above. The Shorty Awards people saw one and decided that I was nominating myself, which was never my intent. I protested, but it stuck. I was hoping that another artist, arts writer, gallery or museum would pick up the banner and run. No one did.

What to do? Should I accept that once again fine art has been passed over as an important cultural force—which it absolutely is— or take action?

I have the credentials as an artist earn nominations. I am founding a radical new theory of art, Post Conceptual UnGraven Image, maintain an extensive web site for it, which includes artwork, articles (many reviews of shows and fairs, art theory, tips for collectors) and a free download of the manifesto booklet. Although I am still considered to be an emerging artist, my work is now with recognized dealers; has appeared in group and a solo show, plus, I have written for artnet.com and have received some press.

If I don’t take action, who will? If not now, when?

I am stepping up and tossing my beret into the ring for #art. I am asking to be nominated for #art and promise to stand up for art, artists and those who love or support them. If I win I fully intend to represent the artists, galleries, art writers, not for profit groups and great art museums that are on Twitter. It’s not about me – it’s about art and us. And, I have a plan on how to do this.

If I win a Shorty award for #art and am invited to the awards ceremony in NYC (I live within commuting range) I will attend. According to the rules, each winner will be allowed to make a 140 character acceptance speech. That’s where being an artist will allow me to represent my fellow artists and art people on Twitter: that 140 character acceptance speech moment.

One picture is worth a whole lot of 140 word speeches, but can be shown in the same amount of time as just one sound. So I intend to hold up, high enough so the cameras can film it, a Post Conceptual artwork that uses the logos, signatures, or faces of all of the artists, galleries, museums, non for profits and art writers who are on Twitter and send one (email) to me (with permission as this is all copyrighted material). Thus, visually we will all be represented. I intend to make this well known as it is free advertising for all fine art related Twitterers.

The Shorty Awards states that the ceremony will be filmed and played on the web. If I win I will also write a blog prior to the awards naming each person or group on the Post Conceptual “collage” fine art digital print that I hold up. Each person or group mentioned in that blog will also have a link back to their web site and their @name on Twitter mentioned in the blog.

I make and selling investment quality, limited edition fine art prints using a professional Epson in my own studio. Thus I have the equipment and software necessary to accomplish this. I am not sure what charity, but I think that the artwork could be auctioned or sold to benefit an arts charity, which could include one of the art not for profits on Twitter. I am open to suggestions for that after I win.

The nominations for the Shorty Awards closes midnight December 31 st . Please nominate me for #art.

If you are on Twitter, simply cut and paste this @shortyawards I nominate @judyrey in category #art because art is important.

Comments are welcome. Please ReTWeet and/or send the link to this post to others!

4 Responses to “Vote For Art — Twitter’s Shorty Awards!”

  1. ElysianFields Says:

    Very good, I’m in!

  2. Ari Herzog Says:

    All you need to do is ask. A nomination is pending.

    Thanks for the shout out.

  3. Judith Says:

    Should be a go for the show and two to get ready is all the character needed for #art at twitter!

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    […] First, I tweeting my discomfort that music had a category but art did not. After giving it a few days, watching nominations stream by I blogged: http://ungravenimage.com/blog/2008/12/vote-for-art-twitters-shorty-awards/ […]

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