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14th Jan 2010

2010 Shorty Award Adds #Art Category

Last year via Twitter I, @judyrey, ran a campaign on the Shorty Award to make #art a main category.

According to the Shorty Award rules,  we can create categories and if any new one becomes popular it will be accepted as a basic category.

There were 24 major award categories, which include music, entertainment, finance, sports, tech, travel, social media, photography and design (which includes, graphics, web design, fashion and crafts) —but no art. No art?!

According to the Shorty Award rules anyone an be nominated for any category, even ones that are not “official” so I began a campaign to get appropriate Twitter members, myself included, nominated for #art.

First, I tweeting my discomfort that music had a category but art did not. After giving it a few days, watching nominations stream by I blogged: http://ungravenimage.com/blog/2008/12/vote-for-art-twitters-shorty-awards/

Aside from blogging and Tweeting, I also promised and gave out free e books about how Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art actually changes how we see, which in turn creates fewer unwanted, negative memories and emotions throughout the day. The ebooks are sold via the Art of Seeing The Divine (www.artofseeingthedivine.com ) web site. I gave e books away to any Twitter member who nominated anyone for #art. Anyone, not just me.

Last year, when I ran that campaign, I had just made it over the Twitter hump and had over 2,000 followers. Although I had joined Twitter in the spring of ’08 based on a link I received, I only began to Tweet at the end of October ’08. So, when I decided to launch my campaign, I was a David of #art facing a Goliath of social media mavens.

There were enough nominations to make it a category this year #art is now a major category.

I received the most nominations in the #art category, but the awards only honored the people who received the most votes period, but the comics, newscasters, celebrities and social media gurus won.

This year I am proud to say I am being nominated in the category of #art. I think you should nominate and vote for me to win a Shorty Award for #art, simply because I campaigned hard last year (much harder than this year for myself!) to get #art as a category. And won!

You can see #art listed as a category at the Shorty Awards site:

http://bit.ly/ shorty

Unfortunately, this year, since writers, dancers, actors, cartoonists do not have categories they have moved into #art. Personally, I wish they would take the initiative to create categories that really represents them specifically. They deserve their own categories for their special talents..

However, there are even more compelling reasons to vote nominate & vote for me, which will be in Part 2 of this blog!

Everyone who was a Twitter member before this year’s Shorty Awards began can nominate up to five people in every category! It is easy to do.

Simply Tweet something like, “I nominate @judyrey for a ShortyAward in #art because she’s starting a new art theory”. The Tweet needs to mention the member name (@judyrey) the category (#art), ShortyAward (so they see it!) and give a reason as to why you are making the nomination. You can also RT someone making a nomination and that counts.

Everyone who nominates me will get a Follow Friday mention from me over the next several weeks. I have also been tweeting my thanks and/or ReTweeting the nominations from those who have nominated me so far.

Why do I win a Shorty for art?

One of my goals as the founder of a new, real art theory that is Post Conceptual Art is to help make Contemporary Art more popular, the way that music is.  Although the Shorty Award acceptance speach only allows each winner 140 characters, I have an idea, even scheme of how to bring attention to the International Art community on Twitter while saying less than that. Plus, it will be a Photo Op that hopefully will b a good PR moment for Twitter and the Shorty Awards also.

Part 2 of this blog will include my plans if I earn the nomination as one of the top five for #art, including how I plan to honor and get publicity for all of the fine artists, art museums, galleries, art media, curators and writers if I win! Plus, I am planning on doing something else for those who vote for me if I win the nomination and then the award!

Please Tweet to nominate me for a Shorty Award in #art because…{give a reason] now!

2 Responses to “2010 Shorty Award Adds #Art Category”

  1. Bob Fletcher Says:

    Good stuff Judy!

  2. Artist Withdraws from 2010 Shorty Awards | Art & Inspiration Blog Says:

    […] after posting Part 1 on the Shorty Awards [See: http://ungravenimage.com/blog/2010/01/2010-shorty-award-adds-art-category/%5D I almost completely quit personally campaigning when I began to experience problems. This was due […]

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