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Archive for September, 2013

03rd Sep 2013

Rosh HaShannah Song Greetings

Rosh Hashannah Song with strokes from Aveinu Malkenu

The image above (without the greetings and blue box) is Rosh HaShannah Song, by Judy Rey Wasserman, 2013.

The small painting is created with pen and ink and watercolor pencils.

Strokes: Sofar and musical lines and blue coloring is created from the original Torah font Hebrew letters from the traditional Rosh HaShannah hymn,Aveinu Malkenu. The musical notes/apple’s strokes are the sounds of the shofar, red apples are T’qiah, green apple’s Sh’varim, and the yellow apple’s Teruah, all in Torah font Hebrew.

Rosh HaShannah Song is signed near the mouthpiece with my logo and signature, a self portrait created with the letters of my Hebrew name. To discover more about this signature portrait, and watch a short video that shows its creation go to http://www.ungravenimage.com/secretlogo.php

L’Shannah Tovah literally wishes the recipient a good year, the equivalent of “Happy New Year!”  The English greeting is a transliteration of the Hebrew words that also appear on the greeting above.

Since the time of Moses Rosh HaShannah has been Jesus, a Jews, including by Jesus and his original disciples and followers. Thus, it must be politically correct to wish all of my Jewish friends and family and all of my Christian friends and family who follow Jesus, plus, anyone else who would like to benefit from good wishes, a happy, healthy and sweet new year!  L’Shannah Tovah!



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