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Judy Rey Wasserman is the Founder and an Artist of UnGraven Image theory, which is Post Conceptual Art. The focus is always on the stroke.

Each stroke is a binary phonetic symbol that symbolically represents one of elementary physics’ strings (aka branes), which are the basic energy/pre-matter of the physical universe. That the strokes are always binary means that they also always simultaneously reference binary scientific applications as well as important spiritual or theological concepts from most of the world’s religions that are dualistic(i.e., good-evil, holy-profane, yin-yang).on the stroke. Judy Rey Wasserman-founder of UnGraven Image Art

The theory is also founded on theology held by all branches and denominations of Christians and Jews that when the Creator speaks the universe into existence in Genesis 1, the letters of those words (Hebrew Torah font) are or represent the prime physical essences of the universe. Physicists believe that there are 11 basic strings in our dimension of the universe while their opposites exist in alternate universes. There have always been 22 basic Hebrew letters.

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