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June, '08 Update Note

Last December three changes important occurred:

1. The first was stumbling into the new Essence Portraits series. That will be the second series emphasized. On the web site are some of the original drawings, all pen and ink so far, that will be used to make various digital limited edition digital prints and paintings, which will include more images and backdrops, etc.

2. The Essence series inspired the outline for a book, actually a series, as I realized how the four series interrelate to make a kind of whole way of understanding a new way to see. The first book and first series ready for a full show deals with the Genesis: Sunset- Sunrise series, the Aha! Moment of original inspiration. As of this writing I am more than half way though writing an interactive ebook that will be published soon through this web site, and then possibly expanded into audio and print. Using the web and making the book interactive means easy access to many images, such as Picasso's Guernica , videos and allows for greater interaction.

3. Late December we began to have major problems with the web host's downtime and blog software, which was erasing blogs as I was posting them. After much research to find a reliable new host and other blog software, the arduous task of moving the web site began. That included creating over 120 pages for the former blog articles as the problematical software did not easily interface with other software. These can now all be found under the new "Articles" tab on the menu.

Last summer I began an experiment hat turned into a new way of working combining working with water color pencils and then layers of acrylic gloss or gel and then paint. It give the works many layers and that better replicates physical reality and draws the focus to the strokes. There are now much larger paintings, including one that is 54 x 72 inches, and seems to have quite an effect on the few people who have chanced to see it here (and are not family/friends support group). I am about to show paintings of the new work to people in the art community as the jpegs do not accurately show the floating layers of symbol-strokes. There is only one of these on the regular web site, on the initial page in the top row of images; it is the sunset second from the right. I am purposefully keeping the new works in the Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise series off of the web site for now to save it for shows.

Event: Participating Thursday, December 13th, 5-10pm in Night of 1,000 Drawings
Admission at the door $10*
Original Drawings $35-$60
Open Bar 7:30-9pm


For the second annual year it is my priveledge to be participating with the

Visual AIDS' Postcards From the Edge Benefit 2007

Visual AIDs is an excellent charity that benefits artists who have AIDs and other diseases. Nelson de Santos, often accompanied by the ever faithful Sparky, heads up the charity and does an amazing job. Last year, I stumbled into this group, almost literally as I was just beginning to make my rounds checking out galleries and shows in Chelsea.

Since then I continue to be impressed as I discover more about this group.

Visual AIDs hosts what may be the most informational website about AIDS currently online. The information there, all free, helps people around the world, whether or not they are artists. Of course, the charity, headquartered in NYC also provides much help to artists who are dealing with the disease and similar afflictions by providing much needed assistance in many ways. Their web site also has web only curated exhibits that are worth checking out. http://thebody.com/visualaids/index.html

This year's event is hosted by the James Cohan Gallery. Quite coincidentally this gallery graciously assisted me when I wrote my first article on gallery shows (I had been writing about museum shows and adding in gallery mentions occasionally just previously. That amazing group show, Cosmologies,http://www.ungravenimage.com/serendipity/archives/70-Do-We-Create-Our-Reality-or-Do-We-Only-Respond-or-React.htm http://www.ungravenimage.com/serendipity/archives/70-Do-We-Create-Our-Reality-or-Do-We-Only-Respond-or-React.htm)l remains one of the best shows I have seen. I recently found other well deserved excellent reviews of it at the Chelsea Galleries site by Roberta Smith (NY Times) and Jerry Saltz (then Village Voice now New York Magazine).

The Preview Party is an event that promises a good time, as people are quite friendly and it is less like an opening and more like scavenger hunt along gallery walls covered with postcards. Some of those cards are worth a whole lot more that the $75.00 asking price (or buy four and get one free). Artists known and established or unknown all donate one postcard. The cards are only signed on their back, so guessing who the artist was is half of the fun. Complete strangers ask for advice, while friends and couples playfully disagree over the cards. Complete strangers ask each other for their opinions.

When I was walking up the street last year, from the rear I saw elegantly dressed ladies in evening wear and I thought, uh oh, I am sooo under dressed, even though I was wearing an outfit I thought of as "casual -professional-party" People wear costumes or go in fabulous drag (hence those elegant ladies), which adds to the gaiety, but most participants also came in casual professional party, or even the ever popular, "clean-but-raggedy- artist", and the mix of people is fun.

With some of the postcards it is fairly easy to figure who the artist is. Many are not and of course not all artists are known. Even though I am the founder of a new theory of art and even have a manifesto, I am an emerging artist. Last year I was so newly emerging that eve I had hardly even heard of me. Even so, my work sold, making it the first work I ever sold from a NYC gallery -- and the prestigious gallery of Sikkema Jenkens Co, yet. Pretty heady stuff for an emerging artist! I wasn't really surprised as when I am willing to show (by then I had learned I needed to be picky where I show original work) my stuff tends to sell. But selling from Sikkema Jenkins? Made my day when I was emailed the news.

Contributed a postcard that was created using the texts I use in the Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise series, as somehow dealing with formation, creation seems healing and hopeful, and this is a benefit primarily for people struggling with AIDs. I went with the same series and text this year.

It seems that major galleries, all some of the best galleries in the world but located only in NYC, take turns hosting the three day event. The actual show is run by visual AIDS so if you have any questions do not contact the gallery, but email Nelson Santos at nsantos@visualAIDS.org . If you can volunteer to help, contact Nelson also, and I suspect they could use volunteers year round in one way or another.

So this year I am happily looking forward to having a work sold from the James Cohan Gallery -- granted it is not by the gallery, but even so, it seems like a perfect way to herald in the holiday season to me.

The Preview Party is Friday, November 30, from 6:00 -8:00 PM. I plan to be there so look for a tallish blonde woman wearing something purple (my coat is purple, too) that is "casual -professional-party." I would like to meet you -- tell me you've been to my web site!

Here's the info needed to mark on calendars:

Preview Party

Friday, November 30 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Hosted by the James Cohan Gallery at 533 West 26th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues) .

$75 admission includes one raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets $20.
One Lucky Winner will select any postcard that evening!
Participating artists attend and I plan to be there, so look for the tallish blonde woman wearing purple.
Sneak peek only -- NO POSTCARD SALES.

Benefit Sale
Saturday, December 1 on World AIDS Day from 12:00 - 6:00 PM &
Sunday, December 2 from 12:00 - 4:00 PM
$5 Suggested admission

Over 1,000 original postcard-sized works of art.
ONLY $75 EACH. Buy four cards and get one free. Cash, check or credit card

* * *

Images from Past Art Shows and Events with Judy Rey Wasserman:

Picturing the Hamptons with the Words of the Bible for Strokes

A solo show of 21 prints

Madelle Hegeler Sererjian Gallery

July 2007

Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton NY

Art at the Beach

A show of prints curated and directed by Judy Rey Wasserman at Cooper's Beach in Southampton ran throughout the summer.

The show culminated with a one person show of Judy Rey's brand new highest quality archival prints. as a benefit fund raiser for Southampton's Food Pantry.

Artists in the show were Jo-Ann Coretti, Chuck Polis, Barbara Seith, and Judy Rey Wasserman.

Information about the show and art was carried in Dan's Papers, the Independent and the Southampton Press.

Photo at left of Judy Rey at Coopers Beach Sept. 2005 taken by Georgette Chapek

Judy Rey Wasserman, founder and artist of UnGraven Image speaks about painting local scenes with the original Biblical texts of Genesis 1-2:7 using the Hebrew letters for every stroke to depict reality's essence.

The glorious music of Mariann Megna, Recording Artist, Composer, Singer and Pianist performing original and favorite spiritual music.

Music & Art

For a Sunday Afternoon

August 7, 2004

2:30 PM

St Catherine's Gallery

at the Siena Spirituality Center

Water Mill, NY

Part of the "Earth Prayers" Show

Juried by: Elizabeth Malunowicz, East End Arts Council Gallery Director; Sister Honora Nolty, OP Director Siena Spirituality Center; Dr. Maureen Carey, Ph.D. Molloy College Author: The Artful Journal: A Spiritual Quest

Photo at left of Judy Rey taken August 2004 by Lori Maddock

Judy Rey Wasserman is available to give inspirational and uplifting talks about UnGraven Image art and seeing the words of the Lord with blessings and opportunities to be a blessing and be blessed everywhere. For fundraising opportunities for non-profits email us or call (631) 259-3476 today.

Copyright © 2004 & 2005 by Judy Rey Wasserman