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Hamsa Tree Aleph

Hamsa Tree Aleph

Print size: 8 x 10"

Exclusive edition of only 150

Hand signed and numbered prints




Or Call (631) 259-3476 to place your order

Or Send a check from your USA bank account** to:
Ungraven Image
207 Sebonac Road,

Southampton, NY 11969

Use the printable order form

There will never be another signed edition of these prints. A little research will show you what has happened with really limited edition prints for emerging artist who founded a real art theory (real theories become movements). 150 is a really small number of prints for an edition. The artist is reserving about 15 for herself (and heirs) and friends and family.

**Only checks from USA bank accounts are accepted for payment via mail. Prints do not ship until checks clear.

Below is a Close Up of the section of the rainbow at the upper right of the image of Hamsa Tree Aleph. This shows the interweaving of the letters (brush strokes). The strokes interweave just as the smallest wave like particles do in our common reality to form the painting's reality

Below is a Close Up of the section in the upper left of the stars and moon.

Printed in artist's studio on Epson 4800 using Epson's Fine Art paper for highest available archival rating, color verification and detail assurance.  It has to be the best possible print we can offer as it is the Bible!

Certificate of Authentication is included. Each print is given its own random code to further insure the owner's provenance. Please keep us informed as to owner's name, current address or any transfer of the print. We are carefully guarding provenance of all UnGraven Image™ works as we recognize the value of this artwork.  Also included are free framing suggestions to preserve and enhance your archival print.


Question:  In the image to the left, what do you see?


1.) a Hamsa made into a Tree of Life

2.) an image painted with strokes made from the letters from the following  texts: Psalm 23 for strong reds & apples; Psalms 121 for sky; Psalms 96 & 97 for green of tree; Psalm 29 for tree trunk; Deut. 6:4 (Shema) for sun; Shema response for moon & stars; Deut: 6:5- 9 for grass Psalm 98 , and Psalm 98 for the "gold frame."

3.) a work from a brand new art movement, called UnGraven ImageT

4.) a painting or print  by Judy Rey Wasserman

5.) all of the above.

(scroll to bottom for correct answer)

UnGraven Image is an emerging contemporary art theory and movement that uses the words from the Bible (letters) for every stroke. And, it also adheres to cutting edge particle physics theory! It's art at the intersection of science and religion.

According to all Jewish (Torah, Talmud & Kabbalah) and all Christian (Bible, based on both testaments!) theology when the Creator says, "Let there be light..." those words (Hebrew letters) become the essential basis for the physical world. (Ask clergy from any Christian or Jewish denomination or branch! It is something we all agree on, absolutely.

Physicists also now theorize that there are 11 pre-particle wave-like motions that are the basic pre-particles for our universe. Then physicists say there are the corresponding 11 negative pre-particle wave like motions in the alternate universe(s), so that's 22. (11 positive plus 11 negative.) Well, guess what -- there are also 22 basic Hebrew letters!  Who knew?

Judy Rey Wasserman's UnGraven Image™ uses the letters from the Bible for every stroke. The letters represent the essential pre-particle waves, plus they are the words of the Lord. So, what the viewer sees is really the Bible! Plus, hopefully a new and deeper understanding of reality.

Judy Rey Wasserman

Artist & Founder

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art Theory & Movement

Hamsa Tree Aleph is a great gift for the home or office. Place it where you can see it morning and night, going out and coming in, to remind you that we are truly walking in the Words of the Lord (Torah or Pentateuch).

The Eye in the apple tree is both the "All seeing Eye of God" watches over us because we are the "Apple of the Lord's eye". The Hamsa symbol itself is thought to symbolize the protective hand of the Lord. It is presented here in the form of a tree (and also a hand, look closely!), referencing the Tree of Life. It is a part of refer to Judy Rey's Tree of Life series, which includes tree imagery that is realistic or visionary-spiritual.

As the Impressionists worked to paint the light and the cubists tried to paint all sides of a form, UnGraven Image paints the reality that lies beneath, the essence of our universe.

Each print is hand numbered and double signed  by the artist. The artist signs each print on the image itself with her distinctive logo signature (that face), which is made up from the letters of her Hebrew name, plus, in the white margin of the print, hand signing in English and numbering the print in pencil.  

Double signing is considered to be a selling point for a print -- especially prints that increase in value.  Since these are created in studio by the founder of a movement, it is highly possible that they will increase in value as the fame of this emerging artist and movement grows.  Check out what happened with prints of other movement founders, like Warhol and Picasso!  However, all we can actually guarantee is that you will be pleased with your print or we will happily refund the purchase price (see details below).

Quiz Answer:  5.) all of the above!

Check out the web site and feedback from UnGraven Image collectors! We're very proud of what members of the Collector Family are saying about this artwork!

Money back guarantee if unsatisfied for any reason return within 14 days of shipping for full refund of purchase price. Buyer must return all items, including bonus items (we send surprises).

Contact us for rates outside of the USA. We ship to Canada, EU, Japan, Australia and Israel.

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Copyright © 2005 - 2012 by Judy Rey Wasserman
Hamsa Tree Aleph Copyright © 2005 by Judy Rey Wasserman

May you be blessed with a year full of Light, Joy, Peace Health and Prosperity!