Using symbols for strokes to create visual imagery, Post Conceptual Art closely emulates both cutting edge scientific and ancient spiritual truths.

Art is humankind’s way of showing truth. Artistic truth may be profane or sacred or both. The best art reveals an understanding of truth that is not blatantly obvious, until through the artist’s hand it becomes so. From the cave art of the shamans to current day Conceptual and now the new Post Conceptual Art, the work of the artist has been to convey truth visually.

If the truth conveyed is valid to a large enough proportion of its contemporary society that has the means to support it, the art is accepted and revered in its own time. If the truth is valid for many people and continues to be so for many generations then the art is venerated. This is true for all forms of art.

Visual art stands apart from the other arts through its relationship to time. Performances, including theatrical, musical and dance, plus films, video and literature need time to be revealed. Even the shortest poem cannot present its meaning all at once. However, a painting or sculpture immediately presents as a whole complete work. One may wish to spend more time visually exploring the work and thinking about it, but the viewer not the artist is adding to the understanding of any purely visual handmade artwork.

Time is also referenced in a purely visual handcrafted work as the viewer “perceives” the kind of time it took to physically create the work. Most purely visual hand made art is created with strokes of one kind or another. In Contemporary Art the strokes may be made of almost anything, including Tara Donavan’s buttons and straws to the snip strokes of Kara Walker’s scissors. Historically the strokes we are most familiar with are those made with paint brushes and chisels.

Fabricated and photographic art (which is fabricated thorough the initial use of a camera and then often developed via other machinery) also uses strokes, but the relationship to time differs. Each frame or photograph was captured all-at-once in a moment of time, and thus is one stroke. A stroke always references the smallest unit of time it took to make the whole stroke.

Physicists tell us that our dimension of the physical universe began with the Big Bang, which set in motion the ongoing expanding creation of energy. Everything we perceive is really energy because matter is energy in denser accumulation. For the Abrahamic faiths, and those traditions of other peoples, too, the Creator speaks the physical universe (or world, depending on the story) into existence. For Jews, Christians and Muslims, the letters of the Hebrew words spoken by the Divine in Genesis 1, form the real or symbolic basis of the physical universe, and as they continue to be spoke the universe is created and continues. The similarity to the scientific theory and the spiritual tradition are easily seen; this has received much commentary in the press and in popular and scholarly non-fiction books.

Paintings inherently emulate both the Big Bang and the symbolic presentation of the Genesis story of creation. Like the Big Bang a painting begins with one stroke and the artist proceeds to add strokes to make a unified whole. Like the Genesis story, a painting begins with one stroke (letter of the first word of “Let there be Light”) and proceeds to include more strokes until the whole of the initial creation is completed.

The same understandings can be applied to hand made sculptures where an artist’s strokes may be made with a chisel or tool, or one’s hands, but stroke by stroke is made until the whole of the work is revealed.

Post Conceptual Art breaks with centuries of tradition to exclusively create narrative imagery with symbol-strokess that are used just as strokes have always been used by artists. Unlike calligraphy, micrography or Word Art where the symbols (letters) are meant to be distinguished or read, Post Conceptual Art asserts that the meaning of the symbol-strokes is inherent and need not be read. This references humankind’s daily experiences with the physical universe where we may recognize, name and use a compound without perceiving or even having knowledge of its atomic, or the molecular structure. For instance, we can distinguish copper from plastic or from water, without really perceiving the atomic, no less pre-particle energy that is inherent in any of the matter.

Until the Twentieth Century, humankind did not have scientific molecular or atomic understandings of the structure of any matter. In our new century the scientific frontiers of binary science and M or String theory (these are now fairly synonymous) are seeking to discover more about the tiniest pre-matter/energies that are the physical basis of our physical universe. The scientific discoveries and theories about these essential units of energy and mass are represented by the symbol-strokes of the Post Conceptual artist.

Thus Post Conceptual Art, in accordance with Judy Rey Wasserman’s “Manifesto of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art Theory” presents cutting edge scientific truth in visual form. That using symbols (letters) as strokes to represent the creation as presented in the Abrahamic faiths and many others, possibly indicates how eternally relevant this now scientific truth is.

* * *

Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art at

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory is based at the intersection of ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting-edge contemporary science. It shows us a new and enhanced spiritual and science-based way to see the world. It is a life changing vision that can even become an actual new way of seeing that is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Can this be true? See for yourself.

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