Can a woman be sexually attractive and be taken seriously as a leader or powerful person?

Is a painting defined as an image made with paint, or is there more to art?

Does calling something art make it art and news worthy? If the main focus of an artwork is to gain publicity for its maker, is it art?

Reportedly, two men have separately used paint to fashion images of Sarah Palin nude. Neither man has ever met Governor Palin or seen a photograph of her in the nude, so in actuality, although the images are entitled as Sarah Palin nude, these “portraits” are imaginary.

The titles however, mention her, because if they did not, the woman depicted could be another nude woman who has her current hairstyle and eyeglasses. It could even perhaps be Tina Fey, except I am not too sure what connection Tina Fey has to a moose. A moose and a rifle are props used in both images.

Why is a moose used? Does Sarah Palin have a pet moose? Aren’t they in Maine and other states? Even in Canada? What is with the moose?

The first artist reportedly used his daughter as the model for thfe naked body and then added what is assumed to be Governor Palin’s face portrait. The second artist used his own male body part to apply the paint. How far are these men willing to do to gain publicity?

The first “artist” apparently has his “masterpiece” up in a bar in Chicago. It is brining in customers who want to see Sarah Palin nude. Of course what they are seeing is a naive art representation of the artist’s daughter nude body wearing a Palin-like head.

The second image was sent to the blogger who is posting this stuff a few days later. He seems to have been influenced by the ideas of the first, but his rendition has Governor Palin shooting the rifle from her crotch, which is a disturbingly mixed metaphor.

Neither of these cartoonish paintings is meant to be a true artistic nude, rather each is sexist, salacious, and misogynistic.

These works are publicity stunts that play into the fear of people (perhaps men? then, what kind of men?) who are afraid (or to be politically correct: have concerns) about women who are both powerful and sexually attractive.

Since the blog that posted these images is usually a good one for news of the art world. I subscribe to their feed. Normally it is a blog I would plug here. If the idea is to report the news of the art world, are these images of Sarah Palin truly news, or just publicity stunts by basically obscure men who claim to be artists?

Neither image is even a good political cartoon. Certainly everyone of the four presidential candidates have provided much opportunity for political humor and cartoons, however these nudes are not humorous, just would-be sensationalism. If the titles did not mention Sarah Palin, but were of an anonymous woman, I wonder if the works would sell in a yard sale.

Although I strongly support the right to freedom of expression, includinng the right to paint whatever one wishes,  I have the right to question their motives, even their politics – although it seems this is not really about politics. If it were only about politics, then many, many Democrats and Republicans – all men – would have been previously pictured as naked male pin-ups.

Sarah Palin the only woman running on either ticket, only the second woman ever to be nominated for VP and she is also the only candidate that anyone is painting as a nude. I do not recall any candidate receiving that “honor” before this.

Clearly it is not about politics, but is just meant to demean Sarah Palin and dismiss her as attractive, plus gain publicity for the two male painters. If images had been painted that were racist of Barack Obama there would be a rightful amount of protest were they publicized. If age, race, religion and to some degree sex were mocked and dubbed art, there would be an outcry. I would outcry unless all parties were equally skewered (to bring up Tina Fey one more time – she and Saturday Night Live are equal satirists). However, female attractiveness seems to be the only fair game. Why is that?

A few words on a page is not automatically thought to be a poem or even if its author insists it is one, it is not newsworthy. A gesture is not a dance and newsworthy. A few musical notes are not counted as a song, nor considered newsworthy. In the fields of literature, performance and music a work needs more than a title to have it considered as art or newsworthy.

Yet paint applied to a canvas or board is readily considered as a painting and as art. Questioning whether it actually is art is usually taboo. That question is  thought to infringe on freedom of speech. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech!

So while I am grateful to live in a society where paint can be applied to canvas to create whatever, as an artist just because paint and canvas are used does not mean the result necessarily has anything to do with my profession or art. Real art not only gains public attention, it creates inspired controversy that provides insights and new understandings. Art is visual communication that is powerful and meaningful.

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8 Replies to “Sarah Palin Nudes- What is Art?”

  1. Do you have a link to these paintings for reference? I’ve not heard or seen them. Thanks.

  2. I’ve seen the pictures, and yes they are rather poor.

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