The recent opening for artist Dan Rizzie’s work at Spanierman Modern was packed with people. from the art world: collectors and fans from the Hamptons and New York City, other artists, all of whom feel that they are friends and want to support Dan Rizzie and his work, which he deserves.

Dan Rizzie has a lot of friends as he is as sincere, interesting and delightful as his art work. I have been to several openings, including group shows where Dan had works, and he is an artist that can be counted on to walk around shaking hands, kissing cheeks and making everyone feel welcome.

His art makes one feel welcome, too, which is a good thing. Although his work has depth and meaning, seriously references and symbolizes ideas and objects, it also kind of make one want to grin. There is just something slightly quirky about the works. Serious in a world that Dan knows is an illusion, at least according science and metaphysics.

The image to the right was specifically selected to show Rizzie at his quirky charming, abstracted and cool best. Yet, there is dark side here; the circles, which are frequently used in Rizzie’s work, seem to symbolize seeds spreading on a breeze, energy, sunbeams and perhaps even bubbles.

While at first glance this seems joyous and delightful, most wild seeds do survive to become seedlings or plants, sunbeams are fleeting and bubbles burst. Good artists always show or at least hint at dichotomies, and Dan Rizzie accomplishes that, although at first glance this can be missed.

Accabonac , 2003-8

Although Dan Rizzie is originally from Texas , he migrated to the NY area, and then the Hamptons over twenty years ago. In local interviews on Plum TV, Dan Rizzie has spoken of the impact the beauty of the Hamptons ‘s natural landscape has on his work. This can be seen in the nature motifs, which can include images of birds seen in Dan Rizzie’s backyard.

Manor 2008

The passion that is evident in each work is more readily seen when viewing many of them. This is best accomplished at a gallery, but it is possible to see the idea through Spanierman Modern’s, and  Dan Rizzie’s web sites. The spiritual basis that informs the works becomes apparent as chalices, bells, roses appear. These all feature or are constructed of half circles and slices of circles that are prominently featured. Rizzie’s abstracted minimalist approach has an almost Oriental feel, as if some of the simple cut out or painted shapes refer to elegant ancient Eastern ink or watercolor strokes.

Dan Rizzie is known as a collage artist. His works include antique prints or cut outs and backgrounds which are usually newspaper that has been painted over to look aged. The collage elements mixed with contemporary painted narrative elements give the works a timelessness that is simultaneously cutting edge contemporary and antique.

Images are courtesy of the Spanierman Modern Gallery

* * *

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5 Replies to “Dan Rizzie: Quirky Cool Passion”

  1. Judy…….

    Thanks for this. It made my day and warmed my heart…..

    all the best,

    Dan Rizzie

  2. Thanks for writing about one of my favorite artists. I’ve known Dan for a long time and worked with him here at Flatbed Press. An observation I have about his works is how they seem to mirror in an abstract way the time and place that he is when is makes his works. Birds perch, strange flowers bloom, shapes amusingly float in a space that is both only paint and paper but also a matrix of time. I can sense him there in the midst of his life.
    Hooray for Rizzie!

  3. Hello/Bon Jour,

    I for one did not know of the artist Dan Rizzie at all. One lovely evening several weeks ago I was taking an evening stroll and came across an event spilling out into the street attended by many happy and how do you say, energetic persons. I stopped and to my amazement the most interesting forms of art were displayed beautifully by this artist Dan Rizzie. I too gravitated toward him and was pleased to make his acquaintance enjoying his energy and how do you say, vibe. I found him to be an artful and engaging person whose words are only matched by the beauty of his works of art. Interesting and arresting they both were or so it seemed to me and to everyone that evening. So, to this artist Dan Rizzie I toast my glass again and thank him for his contribution to our World in which we live. Debbie

  4. I was at Dan’s show in New York and it was one of his most beautiful shows I have seen. He is such a talented artist and one of the sweetest people I know. I love him like a brother, because he is mine and I could not be prouder of anything in the world. I love him.
    Carol Rizzie

  5. Dan,
    We loved the evocative paintings and the people at your opening, especially the old friends from Delhi. It was like wandering through the old neighborhood again! What a great show.
    Namaste & Chuuuuuuuuuaaaaapppppp,
    Sue and Les

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