Looking at Judy Rey Wasserman’s new Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art has recently been discovered to physically change one’s vision so more energy can be seen. This new Awakened Vision then promotes relief from of unwanted negative emotions as the brain shifts to decode emotions and thought memories as energy rather than feelings and content. The transformation is based on recent discoveries in neuroscience. Additional special Visual Exercise/Experiences that use the new art are now available in a book to help accelerate the attainment of this new Awakened Vision.

Judy Rey Wasserman discovered that artwork created with her emerging theory of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art has an amazing effect on vision and emotional clarity.

“Art can change lives,” says Judy Rey, “But I never expected the actual visual perceptual increase and then the relief from memories of past emotions and thoughts that occurs from my works.”

To help people speed up the process of acquiring these results, Wasserman, whose professional background includes careers as a both a professional writer and counselor, wrote a book, The Art of Seeing The Divine—Book 1: What Do You See? Currently available in e book format, it includes a series of Visual Exercise/Experiences, which use her artwork to turn the book into a personal seminar experience. It is available for immediate download at artofseeingthedivine.com.

Law of the Lord is Perfect, 2008
Acrylic and watercolor on canvas
Available through the Kezsler Gallery

According the ungravenimage.com web site, Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory creates images using strokes that are symbols to represent the strings (energy) of elementary physics, which are the essential building blocks of the universe.

The idea to use symbols as strokes came from basic theology held by all branches and denominations of Christians and Jews; the letters of the words spoken in Genesis by the Creator are the essences of the universe. Judy Rey’s strokes come from the only set of symbols in the world that are alpha-numeric, phonic and binary: Torah font. Binary means that the symbols reference many important concepts in science, plus duality understandings in most of the world’s religions and paths. It’s a vision we can all share.

This new vision of actually seeing more energy is called Awakened Vision.

Recent discoveries in neuroscience explain why the art and visual techniques work. When people look at Post Conceptual UnGraven Image artworks their brains automatically create visual memories of the world as energy. After a person acquires enough of these memories the brain, which is responsible for ninety percent of the perception of vision, decodes the impressions of light received from the eyes to include the new perception of these energies. If you have ever seen someone or something and thought, that reminds me of… you are aware of the decoding process, which usually occurs subconsciously.

Most normal people’s eyes already see this energy, but the brain has no way to compare or contrast these impressions to decode them. As a person sees with Awakened Vision on a regular basis, the brain acquires more and more visual memories of energy.

With enough memories of Awakened Vision the brain begins to change the way it decodes thoughts and emotions that are associated with visual memories. It decodes them as energy, which scientifically is measurably what they are.

Showmore Vision produces a shift in the brain to an objective recognition of emotional memories and thoughts as energy, rather than a subjective meaning (such as feelings or thoughts of worthlessness). This makes unwanted emotions and reactions seem to “disappear”. A person simply feels better, clearer and is able to better focus and experience more success in life.

* * *

Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art at ungravenimage.com.

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory is based at the intersection of ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting-edge contemporary science. It shows us a new and enhanced spiritual and science-based way to see the world. It is a life changing vision that can even become an actual new way of seeing that is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Can this be true? See for yourself.

Check out the Fine Art Limited Edition prints, decorative prints, books, and printables that are currently available to you through Judy Rey’s Art of Seeing The Divine Shop. You don’t have to buy to avail yourself of the art and inspiration available there. However, if you select to collect investment quality archival art, or decorate your home with images created with strokes that are original letters from Bible texts, or buy a gift for someone special, there is a secure shopping cart that accepts most credit cards so your purchase is easy to accomplish. https://artofseeingthedivine.com.

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