Psalm 18 (Jon Bon Jovi B & W ) was inspired by the You Tube video “Stand By Me by Jon Bon Jovi, Andy Maddian, Richie Sambora and Friends, sung in both English and Farsi on behalf of Iran’s Sea of Green Freedom Protesters. The portrait was completed in the early morning of July 24, 2009.

It will fit into work that is in preparation revolving around the Essences Portraits and Social Media. This will include portraits of people, including celebrities, but also others, in Social Media.

Jon Bon Jovi Psalm 18 portrait by Judy Rey Wasserman

Psalm 18 (Jon Bon Jovi B & W)

The Essence Portraits show the Divine that is within all of us, the spiritual, eternal and breath that is our essential self. While all of my Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art uses symbols to represent the strings of elementary physics, the basic energy and matter of our world in the Essence Portraits the symbols are used to reveal more than physicality.

As the founder of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory my work stands for tolerance. The more we are able to be tolerant of each other, the freer we will be. Real freedom increases tolerance and vice versa.

I am concerned and support of the courageous Iranians who have peacefully protested first for a fair election and now for freedom, which hopefully will include separation of religion and state, tolerance for all and term limits, in addition to a change of regime.

Therefore, when Jon Bon Jovi created the performance of “Stand By Me” to help raise awareness of the plight and courage of Iranians, his became the first portrait of a celebrity active on Social Media.

Portrait series uses the original letters of Bible test(s) for every stroke. Each text used is prayerfully selected (or suggested by the portrait’s subject).

This initial painting of Jon Bon Jovi will be used to create other versions that will include color and other imagery.

Here’s a simple version that will appear along with a message about the You Tube video that will appear as piece in one of my works about the story of Iran and Social Media. The strokes are green as those of us on Twitter have altered our avatars to show green showing support of the Iranian protest.

Psalm 18 (Jon Bon Jovi Green)

[Note: If the embedded video fails to play in your browser, here is the link to “Stand By Me’ on You Tube.

The handwritten sign in Farsi in the video translates into “We are one” We are one on this planet and one humankind.

Thank you, Jon Bon Jovi for sharing your talent and time to support freedom, justice, human rights and ultimately peace with your talent and time.

To quickly and enjoyably understand Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory — and watch a painting come alive, see the You Tube video, “Painting with the Big Bang of Genesis” embedded below.

* * *

Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art at

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory is based at the intersection of ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting-edge contemporary science. It shows us a new and enhanced spiritual and science-based way to see the world. It is a life changing vision that can even become an actual new way of seeing that is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Can this be true? See for yourself.

Check out the Fine Art Limited Edition prints, decorative prints, books, and printables that are currently available to you through Judy Rey’s Art of Seeing The Divine Shop. You don’t have to buy to avail yourself of the art and inspiration available there. However, if you select to collect investment quality archival art, or decorate your home with images created with strokes that are original letters from Bible texts, or buy a gift for someone special, there is a secure shopping cart that accepts most credit cards so your purchase is easy to accomplish.

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  5. There is no doubt that Bon Jovi will be one of the best rockstars of all times. .

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