On this Independence Day, I am especially proud to be an American.

I rejoice in my freedoms of speech and religion. Freedom of speech pertains to all artists, in every creative endeavor. Painters have been censored and even persecuted by governments. As recently as the Twentieth Century in Europe, some artist and their are was called degenerate (by the government), their art was destroyed and the artists persecuted.

As an artist I often speak with my hands, using a pencil, pen, paintbrush or keyboard. I speak on paper, canvas, board, and via pixels on monitors.

Freedom and tolerance go hand in hand. Without freedom tolerance withers or is imprisoned. Without tolerance freedom become suppressed and dies. As an artist one of the things I represent is tolerance, especially religious tolerance.


Freedom and tolerance go hand in hand. Without freedom tolerance withers or is imprisoned. Without tolerance freedom become suppressed and dies.

As an artist one of the things I represent is tolerance, especially religious tolerance.


Statue of Liberty at sunset by Judy Rey Wasserman

Liberty Sunset. 2005

[Note: The Statute of Liberty paintings featured on this page were some of Judy Rey Wasserman’s earliest Post Conceptual Ungraven Image works and so are not signed with the familiar logo face self portrait, which was create later.]

The founders of the United States of America knew this and wrote religious tolerance into the constitution. Back in 1776 it was a big deal that George Washington was Church of England (now Episcopalian, in USA) while John Adams belonged to a Protestant church that was more to the religious left of Catholicism.

However, the Founding fathers went beyond their Protestant theological differences which today seem to hardy matter. They included those of all religions. Washington even sent a now famous letter to the Jews when he was inaugurated.

Historically, governments that are founded to represent religious beliefs and groups, including atheism (U.S.S.R.) have always end up violating basic human rights and becoming controlled by tyrants who use ‘religion’ for their own means. Artists become pawns of the state or their work is suppressed.

“There is no such thing as a little freedom. Either you are all free, or you are not free.” -Walter Cronkite

statue of Liberty painting by Judy Rey Wasserman

Lady Liberty 2005

Images in the blog article are patriotic and religious. They are all created using strokes are alpha-numeric, phonic and binary. Since binary is synonymous for duality these strokes always refer to concepts found in all of the world’s major religions and paths, plus most others. The symbol set is the original Torah font of the Bible.

The artworks here are Post Conceptual Art, specifically from the branch known as UnGraven Image. Post Conceptual UnGraven Image is the first religious art theory founded in the USA . Being American, it is fully inclusive and tolerant. It is art with a vision we can share.

Fittingly this new art theory was founded in the town of Southampton NY, which was originally settled to promote religious freedom and tolerance in 1640, when a small group of settlers landed a place they called Conscience Point..

Recently my avatar or Twitter (@judyrey) changed from it’s official purple background with gold letters to a green background to show support for Iran’s Freedom Protesters. To celebrate Independence Day it was changed again to show American pride while remaining is support of real democracy and freedom for Iran.

To learn more about Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art and its founder Judy Rey Wasserman, go to http://www.ungravenimage.com Be sure to see the videos. You can also download a free PDF version of the art manifesto: ” A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Strokes”, from the right hand column.

Wishing you and yours, Freedom, Tolerance and Peace– and a very happy July 4th!


Judy Rey Wasserman’s Twitter Avatar for July 4, 2009

* * *
Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory is based at the intersection of ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting edge contemporary science. It shows us a new and enhanced spiritual and science based way to see the world. It is a life changing vision that can even become an actual new way of seeing that is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Can this be true?  See for yourself. See more. Read:  In the Beginning

To download a free copy of In the Beginning as an ebook in PDF format simply click: DOWNLOAD. The PDF will open in another widow and you then save it to your disk. Offer ends June 9, 2014

Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art at ungravenimage.com.

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4 Replies to “The Art of Religious Tolerance”

  1. Beautiful work Judy! It only makes me that much more appreciative of your avatar. Very cool. I have a weakness for art.

    And regarding your words… from your keyboard to God’s ears.

    A true pleasure to connect with you in Twitter.

    All the best,


  2. From B Franklin
    There exists a Creator who made all thing, and mankind should recognize & worship Him.
    The Creator has revealed a moral code of behavior for happy living which distinguishes right from wrong.
    The Creator holds mankind responsible for the way the treat each other.
    All mankind live beyond this life.
    In the next life mankind are judged for their conduct in this one.
    This sounds like religious tolerance to me. Your art work is great. God should be very happy with you.

  3. I hope your idea of tolerance includes the right to have no religion without being overlooked by “believers”. In todays world moral and spiritual direction seem to be coming more and more from people whom you might consider “athiests”. To equate the USSR with athiesm is just wrong. The religion of the USSR was COMMUNISM, make no mistake about that. As the human species is on the verge of a new age of enlightenment, (see Ekhart Tolle, “A New Earth”), traditional religion, hopefully and thankfully, is becoming less and less important. (It will have to, in order to achieve that age of enlightenment.) One does not need to be “religious” to be a moral or good person. Religion tends to divide people. Please consider that Judy. Thanks for letting me comment. btw, your artwork is awesome!!

  4. Ken,
    Tolerance certainly includes the right to be an agnostic or atheist.
    One of my favorite comments about my art came from a self-professed atheist, who is a science buff, who said, “Judy Rey, I don’t know about this religious mumbo-jumbo of yours, but scientifically, you’re spot on!”
    Do check out my short video on You Tube and on the http://www.ungravenimage.com site, “Painting with ” to see more about my art and how very tolerant the new art theory is. If it wasn’t fully tolerant, and yet spiritually relevant for all, it would not be a vision we can truly share.
    Thanks for your comment
    Judy Rey

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