USA Money Flag I, is created using strokes that are the original letters of Exodus 20, plus Leviticus 19 for the portrait of Alexander Hamilton and Proverbs 13 for the portrait of Benjamin Franklin. At the moment this is an original tradigital print combining artworks that were created by hand and scanned in on a professional scanner then combined and manipulated digitally.

This pigment ink painting features original artwork by Judy Rey Wasserman of all six USA currency bills currently issued by the U.S. Treasury in an American Flag, stars and stripes image.

USA Money Flag I visually explores and represents the current focus, problems and even dilemmas that face the USA as we continue to create a unique national identity during the ongoing recession and money problems that include the bailouts, unemployment, fraudulent practices by many of its major banks in relation to foreclosures and mortgage securities.

A version that combines acrylic paint with the hand drawn printed pigment ink currency bills is planned for canvas. This 16 x 24 inch original pigment ink painting on paper is a signed limited edition of 150. This is a study and version for the very much larger work, which will use life size currency.

USA Money Flag I, 2011 by Judy Rey Wasserman

Another original artwork from Judy Rey Wasserman’s the In God We Trust series, which features money, was shown in the Green Holly Greetings blog, depicting a variation on her basic one dollar bill, and again in the Vote 2010 blog. However, the Essence Portraits of Presidents (using the original letters of Exodus 20) of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Grover Cleveland can be found on this blog.

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