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23rd May 2012

Beth Rudin DeWoody’s Art of 1945-1980 Los Angeles in 2012 Southampton

Thanks to Southampton ‘s Parrish Art Museum and the generosity of collector Beth Rudin DeWoody, Hamptonites and vacationers can go back in time to see the 1945-1980 Los Angeles artists, via the EST-3 exhibition, which is a part of DeWoody’s private collection. The exhibit runs through June 17, 2012 .

It is a knock-out of a show, that includes good works, and some not- to-be-missed works by Eleanor Antin, John Baldessari, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Vija Celmins, Guy de Cointet, Robert Colescott, Bruce Conner, Jack Goldstein, Robert Graham, David Hockney, Dennis Hopper, Douglas Huebler, Mike Kelley, Ed Kienholz, John McCracken. John MacLaughlin, Matt Mullican, Ken Price, and Ed Ruscha.

The show is divided by curator David Pagel into three sections: People, Places and Things, which provide a framework for the diversity of work.

Frederick Hammersley’s Same difference, 1959

A few of the treasures of the show that I now hold in my memory and hope you will see for yourself are from People: a Dennis Hopper gelatin silver print of Andy Warhol, Henry Gelzahler, David Hockney and Jeff Goodman; and a wall of portrait drawings by Don Bachardy; from Places: Several Hockneys, including Bank, Palm Springs 1968 (colored pencil on paper), Mike Kelly’s hanging silk-screened banners on silk, and Eleanor Antin’s photo, and Ed Ruscha’s serigraphs from the Insects Portfolio; from Things: Vija Celmins’ Plastic Puzzle Piece 1966, which is a fur lined box containing 9 puzzle shaped Plexiglas pieces.

Beth Rudin DeWoody’s interest in California artists was spurred by the collection of her mother and step-father, plus her own visits to the area, beginning as a college student. She is now noted as one of the world’s foremost collectors of Modern and Contemporary art, plus she has also curated well reviewed gallery shows


Billy Al Bengston’s Untitled (dento)

“I believe in collecting both historical and contemporary art, “DeWoody has said. “It is really important to collect younger artists to keep them going, but I have also collected artists who were undervalued or underrated during their time, who were fabulous artists but may not have gotten the recognition they deserved.”

Matt Mullican’s Untitled (Mullican Poster)

At the Parrish Art Museum ‘s web site ( http://parrishart.org/ ) you will find further information plus a video interview by Parrish Art Museum ‘s Director Terri Sultan with Beth Rudin DeWoody in her New York City apartment ( http://parrishart.org/current.asp?id=430 ).

To see a previous blog review about exhibits curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody Click: The Collector as Curator

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