Art Dealers Association has stepped up to help art dealers (both members and non-members) and related enterprises aid from their losses due to hurricane Sandy. This relief is in the form of monetary grants, assistance from art related individuals, such as attorneys and conservators, panel discussions to address urgently needed information and a website page that is chock full of resources that can also offer assistance and information.

In other words, the major, and generally the most successful galleries in New York are generously helping to keep their competition in business.  Some of these galleries are even offering space to other galleries who are struggling with spaces that are so damaged by Sandy that they may be unusable and closed for months.

This puts “Love thy neighbor” in action, as, in fact, many of the ADAA galleries are neighbors of smaller, often newer galleries in Chelsea and the emerging competition.

Last week, the ADAA announced a $250,000 fund to help hurricane flooded galleries get back into action, and within 24 hours two donations of $50,000 came from gallerist David Zwirner and the current President of the ADAA, LucyMitchell-Innes Nash. On Tuesday, the association announced that Art Basel, the Swiss organization that runs contemporary art fairs in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, had donated $50,000 as well. All told, the
association’s initial fund has nearly doubled, and donations are welcomed from anyone.

According to Linda Blumberg, executive director of the ADAA, in the first week that ended last Friday November 9, they gave grants to Derek Eller, Printed Matter, Wallspace and Bortolami Gallery.

This upcoming Friday at least ten other grants will be awarded, with more to come on a weekly basis.

“I think the thing that has been most remarkable has been the willingness of the community to come together,” said Blumberg. “Dealers have been exceedingly generous to their colleagues who are not as adversely affected by the storm.”

Also last Friday, Mitchell Innes and Nash gallery hosted a free ADAA Insurance Claims Information Session for galleries that included presentations from lawyers and insurance experts, who also personally answered questions.

The David Zwirner gallery has also stepped up to use their social media klout on Facebook and Twitter to post links to information that is helpful to galleries and artists, plus information is also posted on their website news page.  Yet, the David Zwirner gallery itself is in the process of renovations to damages by Sandy, and will only reopened one gallery location on November 9.

As reported in ArtForum, David Zwirner said, “We are grateful that our gallery has the resources to recover swiftly from the storm, but we recognize that some of our valued colleagues are in vulnerable positions. The relief fund will help galleries to restore their spaces and continue their vital contributions to the art community.”

Just as this blog was about to be posted, the Paul Kasmin Gallery, an ADAA member, and Artspace announced that they have partnered to raise funds for the ADAA Relief Fund.  The Paul Kasmin will produce a limited edition print based on artist William N. Copley’s work, Think (Flag) 1972, in collaboration with ADAA member Pace Prints and the William N. Copley Estate. The benefit print will be sold on, for $200 each with 100% of proceeds going toward the ADAA Relief Fund. In addition, has created a Hurricane Sandy Relief collection of artworks to benefit the ADAA Relief Fund with 10% of all sale proceeds of the collection, through December 31, 2012.

Think (Flag) 1972 by William N. Copley

Think (Flag) 1972 by William N. Copley

A Hurricane Sandy Relief party will be held on Friday, November 16th to benefit the ADAA Relief Fund, hosted by Paul Kasmin Gallery,, and Hotel Americano. Benefit partners include The Aesthete, Art Production Fund, Billy Farrell Agency, FAIR, FITZ & CO, Pace Prints, PK SHOP, and the William N. Copley Estate/CPLY LLC.  The benefit committee is still in formation, it currently includes other ADAA members, James Cohan (James Cohan Gallery) and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn (Salon 94), plus artists, art writers, non-profits, art advisors, designers and other galleries, several that are currently closed for renovations.

“It’s an important time to gather together and help our friends and colleagues. The ADAA had done a fantastic job of responding quickly and efficiently to those in need and we’re happy to be able to contribute to the cause, ” said Paul Kasmin.

The contributions that the galleries make have earned New York City its reigning title as the “Center of the Art World.”
While various other cities, such as London, Paris and Rome also boast great museums and public art, the city with
the most galleries offering collectors both new Contemporary and secondary market art is New York, and the majority of the galleries are in Chelsea. This means jobs, not only for the people who work in the galleries and service the art
industry, but for cab drivers, restaurants, hotels, etc., which provide goods and services to the collectors and tourists who attend the gallery shows and fairs, plus of course, tax revenues for the City

Many of Chelsea’s galleries were not insured or fully insured for these catastrophic losses. Few had flood insurance as
nothing like the coastal surge such as the waters from mega storm Sandy was experienced within recorded history. Axa Art an insurer that underwrites more than $1 billion of art for 66 galleries in Chelsea, has already received $40
million in claims from Hurricane Sandy. Newer, younger and less established or less established galleries were often already struggling to promote emerging or new artists in a difficult economy. Many millions of dollars of art were damaged or lost that were not insured or adequately insured, leaving galleries and possibly artists to deal with the losses.

Prior to hurricane Sandy, it was considered a prestigious for a gallery to be accepted for membership in ADAA, plus it offers members the added benefit of participating in its annual successful The Art Show, plus events helpful to members and collectors.  The outpouring from the  members shows that the privilege now includes unprecedented
service to the art community.

“I really feel confident that the community is going to get back on its feet,” Linda Blumberg.

To donate to the ADAA Relief Fund providing grants and loans for member and non-member galleries and nonprofit institutions to rebuild art spaces after the catastrophic damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy please
visit PayPal  (most charge cards accepted)

Want to donate by check to the ADAA’s Relief fund?  Please make check out to: ADAA Relief Fund; Send to: Art Dealers Association of America, 205 Lexington Avenue Suite 901, New York, NY 10016, Attention : Patricia Brundage

You can also donate via Wiring/ACH/Direct Deposit. Instructions: Wire to: First Republic Bank 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, account’s ABA/Routing No.: 321081669 Credit Account No.:80001307553 Account Name:  Art Dealers Association of America Inc.

The ADAA Relief Fund provides grants and loans for member and non-member galleries and nonprofit institutions to rebuild art spaces after the catastrophic damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Recipient galleries are identified and prioritized by need and application form is available here.

For ADAA’s extensive listing of relief resources for Galleries (and often artists too) see:

For further information about the benefit event and art sale see; Paul Kasmin Gallery.

William N. Copley print used courtesy of the Paul Kasmin Gallery.

 * * *

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