We share this season of lights.

Jews celebrate by lighting Chanukah menorahs. Menorahs are a symbol of the tree of life, a holy tree. Chanukah is also called the Festival of Light.

According to John 10:22-39, Jesus celebrated the Feast of Dedication, which is Chanukah.

When Christians decorate Christmas trees with lights, and Jews light menorahs, they are participating in similar
activities. The same goes for the Kwanza “tree” of lights.

The Bible, and also the physical universe (according to physics) begins with the sound of light.

So, while a sunset image may not be a traditional seasonal image, like the poinsettia, candle, cardinals in the snow, or even handwritten greeting on a dollar bill, which have been some of my previous holiday greetings, the symbolism of light works for the season, whatever holiday(s) you celebrate.

In ROTHKO LION WARHOL SUNSET ( Study 1) the symbolism of the portraits is both secular and religious, as Rothko and Warhol are both also known for their spiritual or religious artworks. The lion refers to their stature (for me as an artist, as they have influenced my work, but and also based on what seems to be a consensus that continues to be backed up by auction sales), and is also a symbol for the Lion of Judah, the Jews and hence the tribe of Jesus’ royal birth. The artwork below is a study for a much larger painting on canvas that will be approximately 4.5 feet by 8 feet.

The dollar bills that form a kind of frame are a visual comment on the relationship of art and money, and the stature
of these artists, and as a holiday card a comment on this season’s materialism.

May you and your loved ones be blessed in this season and throughout the new year be filled with light, happiness, health and safety.



by Judy Rey Wasserman
2012, tradigital print

Strokes of the hand painted elements: Essence Portrait of Mark Rothko =  Psalm 101, Ecclesiastes Ch 1 and 2; Andy Warhol =Psalm 19; Lion of Judah= Genesis 49:8-10, Numbers 23:23-24; Dollar bill = Exodus 20; and, the sunset is Genesis 1-2:7.

Happy Holidays!
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