“Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines.”– Song of Solomon 2:15

At the moment I feel like a prom girl, who is all dressed up and eager to leave – only my date just called and although he is on his way, a tire just went flat so he will be as late as it takes to replace it with a spare.

The metaphor of how I feel is referenced in one of the world’s greatest love literature, the Bible’s Song of Solomon also known as the Song of Songs. Those little foxes that spoil the vines are the pesky little details of life that seem so harmless that we overlook them or they surprise us.

This past week I have been held up a “little fox” detail. It is my own fault –but it doesn’t feel like my fault because I thought I had attended to the details.  Given the data I had, from the websites of the book printers and the well-known, even revered books I read regarding artisnal or small press publishing, my plan worked. I could afford to publish, print and give as perks (rewards) via my upcoming Indiegogo campaign a full sized illustrated book.

My plan worked even though the color illustrated pages are expensive, since those pages are about 1/5th of the book; but the rest is text only and would print at a much lower cost. I own books, even paperback books that are printed this way. The color pages are inserted in the center or in several places in the book.

So it never dawned on me that the POD printers, like Create Space and Lightening Source and their new Lightening Spark, would only be able to print my books as all color or all black and white, but not in any mixed form. This means that all of the black text only pages would be printed at the cost of the color pages.

On Create Space, I used the Calculator for Royalties. For a 300 page 6 x9 inch paperback book printed fully as a color book (even though only about 1/5th of the pages are in color) selling directly over Amazon for $29.95, I would end up owing Amazon.com -$3.88 per book. Worse yet, if I use Amazon’s expanded distribution so my book gets into bookstores and libraries, I would owe -$9.87 per sold book. Raising the price to $35.00 only means I would owe less—but I’d still owe.

At this point I am awaiting bids for printing from offset book publishers. Going with this model means I have to warehouse books and place an order for 500 or more books. If only have one contributor to the Indiegogo campaign select a printed copy of the full Genesis book as a perk, I still have to place a large order and pay set up and proofing fees. This scenario makes the amount of money I could owe Amazon’s Create Space seem like possibly a better choice if I had to make such a choice. Happily, I have other options, such as only publishing ebooks at first.

I await more news and bids from book printers. Yet, I keep thinking about the new and successful authors, including novelists who use no images, who achieved and are building success by initially or exclusively publishing ebooks.

This new way of painting is based at the intersection of ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting edge contemporary science. It shows us a new and enhanced spiritual and science based way to see the world. It is a life changing vision called Bible Eyes or SHMR vision. This is an actual new way of seeing that seems to be a fulfillment of often overlooked beneficial biblical prophecy for he latter days. Can this be true? See for yourself!

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