In the scripture art painting Divided the Light from the Darkness (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7) the moment of light depicted is so strong that it seems to create a dip in the land beneath it from its “weight”. It looks like a heavy object placed on something soft like foam or a quilt. In reality, this effect is created as the bright light reflects and visually seems to overtake whatever immediately surrounds it.

Sometimes an inspirational idea we have can almost weight us down with its significance. Somehow we must express our excitement, which can even include jumping up and down! This excitement is visually echoed by the sun in Divided the Light from the Darkness touches down upon the horizon.

Genesis Sunset Dalet by Judy Rey Wasserman

Divided the Light from the Darkness (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7 uses the original Bible’s Torah font letters of Genesis 1-3:7 for each and every stroke. These strokes make it a member of the Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise series. Among other things this series is about moments of inspiration and understandings — those AhHa moments, when we “see the light”.

“And God said: ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light.” – Genesis 1:3

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art uses the Creator’s scripture words as the strokes in every image. These symbol strokes also represent the strings of elementary physics, the tiniest pre particles and waves that are the basis for the physical universe. When you display this artwork at home, or your place of business it will visually remind you everyday that problems and cares are never really solid as the physical universe is comprised of tiny pre-particles and wave motions, which we can also understand as the words of The Divine, who according to Genesis speaks the universe into existence.

And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” — Genesis 1:5

This Giclee print is created in the artist’s own studio using an archival fine art printer and inks for the best possible archival quality and reproduction. We use the highest dpi resolution possible, which is higher than the online sites that produce prints and Giclees from images for merchandise — this means you get better clearer details so that you can actually see the letter-strokes.   Each print is hand signed and quality inspected by the artist herself. Judy Rey Wasserman’s studio printed limited edition prints are the best quality digital prints available from any artist — they have to be the best we can offer — we have to live up to the fact that they are created with strokes from the Bible!

Close up images so you can see the Original Hebrew Bible letter strokes:

Genesis Sunset Dalet Close-up #1
Genesis Sunset Dalet Close-up #2

You can collect Divided the Light from the Darkness (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7) at

Enjoy seeing this work often in your home or place to remind you of the ever constant presence of the Words of the Creator, creating our physical world an surroundings now and until the end of time. Hang it where it will often remind you of this reality and where you can share this vision with others.

“So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void , except it accomplish that which I please, and make the thing whereto I sent it prosper.” — Isaiah 55:11

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