Aha! Moment – Beginning to See the World in a New Way

My greatest Aha! Moment kind of crept in on me, and I continue to fall up into it.

It totally turned my life around. Aside from being a mother and now grandmother, it became my life’s mission. It changed the way that I actually see the world and as an artist, my mission is to share that vision so others can see the world in a more meaningful way, full of inspiration, possibilities and blessings.

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Open Bible

The artwork image in this blog is of an open book created completely of original Bible texts. It gives new visual meaning the idea of an Open Bible.

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Lion of Judah

One of the most important symbolic animals in the Bible is the lion. It is a Jewish national and cultural symbol, traditionally regarded as the symbol of the Israelite tribe of Judah. In more recent history it has also been adopted as a symbol for the peoples of the English Commonwealth, and the English language. It was also used as a symbol for the emperors of Ethiopia, and in more recent times for the Rastafarian movement.

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