Sneak Peek– The Art of Seeing The Divine

When I began painting I said I wanted to change the way we see the world, but I had no idea how truly I was going to do that! Of course, it had to begin with me.

Once I realized that I was actually seeing more energy, basic energy that is spiritually the Words of The Creator, I set about to write an introductory book so that other people could learn to do this too. The Art of Seeing the Divine — Book 1: Introduction is a kind of inspirational visual seminar in the format of an illustrated book, which would help other people to also see what I am now seeing. The idea that energy, the Words of the Creator is everywhere is no longer theoretical for me, I see it – even now as I keyboard this message. It is everywhere I look and it is real. It has changed my life and my outlook.

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Sarah Palin Nudes- What is Art?

Can a woman be sexually attractive and be taken seriously as a leader or powerful person?

Is a painting defined as an image made with paint, or is there more to art?

Does calling something art make it art and news worthy? If the main focus of an artwork is to gain publicity for its maker, is it art?

Apparently two artists have supposedly painted pictures of Sarah Palin in the buff. Neither artist has met Governor Palin, nor have they used actual photos of her, other than head shots to create their nudes. So, these works are at best imaginary images of a nude woman whose face has a slight resemblance to Governor Palin.

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The Big Bang of 21st Century Art: Post Conceptual Art

Post Conceptual Art is a Big Bang in the theory and history of art as it focuses on the stroke, the smallest unit of meaning created with the smallest unit of physical movement by the artist, as the primary significance in a work. This is the opposite of the idea of the concept that the stroke serves to create the image. Inherent in the work and in both the scientific understanding of the Big Bang and the biblical theology is that the intent and realization of the end result is present at the beginning.

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Acoustics Findings Point to Added Significance of Ancient Cave Paintings

Reznikoff’s discovery of the acoustical significance of the specific caves where the prominent art is located is riveting information. This discovery opens many possibilities, even probabilities about the art found in the caves of Europe, especially France and including Lascaux. Are the paintings symbolic representations of ancient mythologies? Are the strange geometric symbols a kind of notation and writing? Were the shaman-artists the leaders of the tribes?

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Science of Vision and Art

Recent understandings in medical and neuroscience about how we see has tremendous importance for visual artists, and also anyone involved in the art world.

Vision is by far the primary perceptual sense for normal human beings. Visual perception is so basic that it is the one sense we must shut off when we go to sleep.

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