Aha! Moment – Beginning to See the World in a New Way

My greatest Aha! Moment kind of crept in on me, and I continue to fall up into it.

It totally turned my life around. Aside from being a mother and now grandmother, it became my life’s mission. It changed the way that I actually see the world and as an artist, my mission is to share that vision so others can see the world in a more meaningful way, full of inspiration, possibilities and blessings.

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Can a Painting Depict Your Mind?

Can a painting show a mind — including your mind– at a moment of inspiration? A sunset can be understood to represent a moment of inspiration and creation, as thoughts are actually things since they have mass and energy and can be measured. Although in our culture we often comment that “the dawn has broken”, sunsets represent that idea more realistically. We tend to gain new, inspiring ideas or understandings, which are then followed by a period of germination and rest. The dawn can be understood as a kind of time of fulfillment when the new ideas and understandings become […]

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