ArtHamptons – Beginnings

ArtHamptons brought to the Hamptons what had always seemed almost unimaginable to me when I was a teenager enjoying summers in the Hamptons. Although I was busy riding my bike, swimming and painting and drawing on my own but missing the museums and galleries and art classes I enjoyed back in the city. Although the Hamptons now has good Modern and Contemporary galleries and the museums, especially the Parrish and Guild Hall, bringing Hirschl and Adler, Will Barnet and the Wally Findlay Gallery under one roof was a bit like bringing my artistic girlhood to the Hamptons.

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Annual Hamptons Show Kicks Off the Art Season at the Springs Fireplace Project

Aside from the warm weather, there are various events that signal to Hamptonites that the summer season has begun. One signal is the annual show of artists who live in the Hamptons held by Edsel William’s Springs Fireplace Project gallery.

There is wonderful work to discover in this show, curated by Klaus Kertess.

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