Banksy’s Place in NYC October 2013

anksy is on the verge of completing a self-proclaimed artist residency in New York City, in which, every day he has added (donated) a work of art to the city and its people in some way, during October, 2013. Banksy has placed himself and his art in the city at the anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. Many of the works that he had presented during his residency have appeared in areas hit hardest by the storm, although this is neither stated by Banksy or commented upon in the press.

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Finding and Collecting Good Emerging Art

Collecting art, especially the work of emerging artists can be a savvy investment – or like any investment it can be a somewhat costly mistake.

Somewhat, because if the collector enjoys the art and it enhances their home or place of business, even if the price for the artist’s works decreases, at least one has the art! If a stock, bond or other type of investment looses value all one has are the statements.

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