Annual Hamptons Show Kicks Off the Art Season at the Springs Fireplace Project

Aside from the warm weather, there are various events that signal to Hamptonites that the summer season has begun. One signal is the annual show of artists who live in the Hamptons held by Edsel William’s Springs Fireplace Project gallery.

There is wonderful work to discover in this show, curated by Klaus Kertess.

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Who is Impacted When an Art Museum Show is a Blockbuster Hit?

Art museum blockbuster hits are now as common as other venues that sell tickets, such as film concerts and theatre. Ticket sales define the blockbuster’s success.

Blockbuster museum shows are a recent development, considering the length of the history of art. It all began in 1976 when the King Tut exhibit drew more than 8 million people to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thomas Hoving, the Met’s museum director at the time, is credited for this innovation. Hoving publicly says that “It’s not true “I stole the idea from the Europeans. But I’ll say it was my idea.”

Thomas Hoving has a special knack for recognizing a good thing, especially when it comes to art. He continued launching blockbuster style shows and changed art museums forever.

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What Sells Fine Art?

What sells art?

What makes one living contemporary artist’s work move into the rarefied stratosphere of big ticket auction sales at Sotheby’s or Christies while other artists languish in the hot summer sun in tents at art fairs hoping to sell their paintings?

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