Open Bible

The artwork image in this blog is of an open book created completely of original Bible texts. It gives new visual meaning the idea of an Open Bible.

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Is This a Kind of Portrait of the Bible’s First Sunset? Of the Big Bang?

Genesis Aleph Sunset uses the original Bible’s Torah font letters of Genesis 1-2:7 for each and every stroke. These strokes make it a member of the Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise series. Among other things this series is about moments of inspiration and understandings — those AhHa! moments, when we “see the light”.

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Sneak Peek– The Art of Seeing The Divine

When I began painting I said I wanted to change the way we see the world, but I had no idea how truly I was going to do that! Of course, it had to begin with me.

Once I realized that I was actually seeing more energy, basic energy that is spiritually the Words of The Creator, I set about to write an introductory book so that other people could learn to do this too. The Art of Seeing the Divine — Book 1: Introduction is a kind of inspirational visual seminar in the format of an illustrated book, which would help other people to also see what I am now seeing. The idea that energy, the Words of the Creator is everywhere is no longer theoretical for me, I see it – even now as I keyboard this message. It is everywhere I look and it is real. It has changed my life and my outlook.

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