Warhol Foundation Sends Warning to Smithsonian re Censorship

Bravo to Joel Wachs and the Warhol Foundation for the transparent and courageous stand against censorship, while promoting visual art.

In a letter to Wayne Clough, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, President Wachs writes, “For the arts to flourish the arts must be free, and the decision to censor this important work is in stark opposition to our mission to defend freedom of expression wherever and whenever it is under attack.”

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George Washington‘s Scripture Portrait (10 Commandments)

Creating a portrait of George Washington with a radical new art theory, perhaps the most radical ever, seems especially fitting as he was one of the most radical and revolutionary people who ever lived. He changed the world despite the indisputable fact that the odds were against him as he stood up to the then greatest most powerful country in the world: England.

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