Aha! Moment – Beginning to See the World in a New Way

My greatest Aha! Moment kind of crept in on me, and I continue to fall up into it.

It totally turned my life around. Aside from being a mother and now grandmother, it became my life’s mission. It changed the way that I actually see the world and as an artist, my mission is to share that vision so others can see the world in a more meaningful way, full of inspiration, possibilities and blessings.

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Ashton Kutcher – Song of Songs Essence Portrait

This first basic Essence Portrait of Ashton Kutcher.  Plus, below are two other portraits based on the basic Essence Portrait. It can stand alone as a work, but it will also appear variously in my artwork dealing with Social Media. I think that Ashton Kutcher is one of the best users of Social Media, plus he is someone who it is easy for me, and now hopefully others, too, to see the Divine essence revealed through him. This portrait is a result. This artwork is a really three tones, cream colored paper, white and black acrylic and black ink. The […]

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