Aha! Moment – Beginning to See the World in a New Way

My greatest Aha! Moment kind of crept in on me, and I continue to fall up into it.

It totally turned my life around. Aside from being a mother and now grandmother, it became my life’s mission. It changed the way that I actually see the world and as an artist, my mission is to share that vision so others can see the world in a more meaningful way, full of inspiration, possibilities and blessings.

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Spring Festivals Blessings

The image of Lamb of Joy below is a kind of one-size-fits-all for the story of Passover and Easter. But when I see it, I think of King David, when he was just a shepherd boy stuck out on the backside of the desert. Maybe that is due to my personal feeling of being stuck out in a “desert” as I wrestled to turn inspiration, information, revelation and art into a cohesive, entertaining (and at times funny), inspirational and informative book.

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Psalm 145 (Monarch Butterfly Study)

The colorful image of a Monarch Butterfly below is created with strokes that are the original Torah font letters of Psalm 145. So, in reality, if you were looking at the original postcard sized artwork, what you really would be holding a tumbled painted mix of Psalm 145’s letters, which are painted, and written with fine art ink many times.

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Inspiration Happens Only Now

No one can walk with The Divine in the past. Nor is it possible to do so in the future. All we have is now.

The Divine is always present in the Now. It is our challenge to let go of our past baggage, worries, concerns, unresolved emotional difficulties with others, anger, and what ever else is running through our minds – and take the bold step of focusing on the immediate now.

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