Beth Rudin DeWoody’s Art of 1945-1980 Los Angeles in 2012 Southampton

Thanks to Southampton ‘s Parrish Art Museum and the generosity of collector Beth Rudin DeWoody, Hamptonites and vacationers can go back in time to see the 1945-1980 Los Angeles artists, via the EST-3 exhibition, which is a part of DeWoody’s private collection. The exhibit runs through June 17, 2012 . It is a knock-out of a show, that includes good works, and some not- to-be-missed works by Eleanor Antin, John Baldessari, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Vija Celmins, Guy de Cointet, Robert Colescott, Bruce Conner, Jack Goldstein, Robert Graham, David Hockney, Dennis Hopper, Douglas Huebler, Mike Kelley, Ed Kienholz, John […]

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Who is Impacted When an Art Museum Show is a Blockbuster Hit?

Art museum blockbuster hits are now as common as other venues that sell tickets, such as film concerts and theatre. Ticket sales define the blockbuster’s success.

Blockbuster museum shows are a recent development, considering the length of the history of art. It all began in 1976 when the King Tut exhibit drew more than 8 million people to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thomas Hoving, the Met’s museum director at the time, is credited for this innovation. Hoving publicly says that “It’s not true “I stole the idea from the Europeans. But I’ll say it was my idea.”

Thomas Hoving has a special knack for recognizing a good thing, especially when it comes to art. He continued launching blockbuster style shows and changed art museums forever.

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