Lover’s Sunset

The image here of Lover’s Sunset, is a postcard sized study that will be one of the special rewards of the Crowd Funding campaign that will launch after Passover and Easter in 2014 and run until Shavout and Pentecost. All strokes are original Torah Font (Hebrew) letters Genesis 1-2:6

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Monarch Butterfly Scripture Portrait (Psalm 145- Hallel)

The Monarch Butterfly Essence Portrait below will shortly be printed out own my Giclee printer and then painted upon, creating a new painting. Depending on the result, I may then scan that painting and create a new reproductive print to sell in my online store and shopping cart (, at events or use as a limited reward on my Crowd Funding campaign for a full sized new book that is scheduled to launch this spring, right after the Passover 2014 blood moon and Easter, and then continue until Shavout/Pentecost.

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Sneak Peek– The Art of Seeing The Divine

When I began painting I said I wanted to change the way we see the world, but I had no idea how truly I was going to do that! Of course, it had to begin with me.

Once I realized that I was actually seeing more energy, basic energy that is spiritually the Words of The Creator, I set about to write an introductory book so that other people could learn to do this too. The Art of Seeing the Divine — Book 1: Introduction is a kind of inspirational visual seminar in the format of an illustrated book, which would help other people to also see what I am now seeing. The idea that energy, the Words of the Creator is everywhere is no longer theoretical for me, I see it – even now as I keyboard this message. It is everywhere I look and it is real. It has changed my life and my outlook.

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